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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Super Easy Recipe for Brown Sugar Scrub

A couple of weeks ago, we distracted a friend from preparations for her surprise birthday party by having a girls' day of pampering. When we told her what we had planned, she assumed that it had something to do with diapers. I, myself, have never made that connection between being pampered and Pampers diapers. Maybe it's 'cause I used Huggies. But anyway, I digress.

One of the things that we did was to make a brown sugar scrub. She was impressed with how easy it was, and actually, so am I. It basically has only two ingredients, unless you want it scented. Normally, to get products that don't contain phthalates, parabens, laryl sulfates, or any other nasty chemicals that can absorb through your skin, you have to pay quite a bit. Because it is so simple to make (as well as relatively cheap), I thought I would include it here.

Mix together brown sugar and coconut oil, using about half as much oil as sugar. Coconut oil is a solid at room temperature and they sell it at health food stores. If you want your scrub to smell like coconuts, make sure to buy unrefined coconut oil. If you would like it to be more oily, just add less brown sugar.

The brown bowl contains the coconut oil, the green has the plain brown sugar and the orange is the brown sugar scrub, all mixed up. That's the consistency that I like it at, but you can definitely change it to suit your own preference.

If you would like, go ahead and add any essential oils that you have. I have a blend from Birch Hill Happenings that's got vanilla and ylang ylang. It's called Caribbean Delight and works especially well with the coconut (in my opinion).

That's it.

To use, rub a handful of the scrub over wet skin. Once it gets really wet with water, the sugar crystals will start to dissolve and it will no longer be very good at scrubbing, so you don't want to mix it with water before you slather it on. As always, make sure to be very careful getting in and out of the bathtub if you use this. It is full of oil and will make both you and the tub slippery, even after you rinse it off. Especially, do NOT balance on one foot in order to apply scrub to the other foot. You will fall. I can almost guarantee it.

So, I hope you all go out and try this. It's cheap and easy- two of my favorite qualities.

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