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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Meaningful Objectives

So, I'm currently (not, like, right this moment- as you'll read- but just in general) reading through an organizational book that is supposed to help me figure out my priorities and organize my time so that I can accomplish the most important things in my life, my Meaningful Objectives.

So, what is it that I decide to do as I am half way through this potentially life-changing book? I decide to open a shop on Etsy. That shouldn't take long, no more than 20 minutes. OK, so it was more like 3 hours, what with the PayPal account and the banner and then, of course, I've got to list something. I can't just have an empty shop sitting there with nothing for sale. OK, it's gotten pretty late, so I guess it's time for bed. I'll read the book tomorrow.

So far, this is the stage I've gotten to in the book... take all the papers you own and dump them in one box. "Check. I can do that. What's next? Oh, now I'm supposed to GO THROUGH that box and organize everything in it. Hmmm, I wonder what my favorite sellers have in their shops on Etsy today?" Two hours later and I'm thinking to myself, "You know, I've always wanted to start a blog. Well, what's stopping me." Apparently nothing. So, that is why I'm writing this right now.

Clearly, I will go to any lengths to avoid getting organized.

Key Words & Phrases-
Procrastination, Papers, Organizing


Angeleen said...

Ohhh myyyy... we SO are kindred spirits, Sister. ;)

You rock.

TheModernGoddess said...

LOVE IT! All my papers are in piles on my dining table and today is suppose to be the day that I file them and reorganise but instead I'm surfing the net for blogs of interest. That's why I'm here visiting you today! Blessings in disorganisation, Nicole