Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Not So New Job

Ever since I started this job, Joey's been giving me grief for not telling you all about it. I think she feels I'm somehow being dishonest for not sharing such an important aspect of my life (and the possible reason why my posts are sometimes months apart).

So what is it that I do?

I'm on the ground crew for an airline, babysitting planes and chauffeuring baggage. The pay isn't great, but my whole family (Jeff, kids, parents) and I can now fly for free. Once we can synchronize our schedules, that is. Since I got out of training 6 months ago, Jeff and I haven't had a single day off together.

(Last plane of the night, getting ready to push)

In theory, I got this job so we can fly for free. In reality, though, Jeff is the only one who's actually gone anywhere.

It does give me a chance to take pictures with my phone, most of which are of sunsets. Cause man we have some nice ones out there.

(After a particularly fierce rainstorm, when they called a ground hold for lightning.)

(Leaning out the galley door. This is the place where I most often crack my head.)

(Pulled over while running bags to photograph the sunset. Because I have my priorities.)

(While gassing up my tug. I love how the sun is shining straight through the windows on the closest plane.)

(Waiting for international bags in the bowels of the airport. Just out of frame is a family of chuds.)


  1. Amazing photos! We have thought about this as work for Russ...hmmm....

  2. Love the pics! I used to work for Delta in IT, and yeah, the flying for free is great... but it's a whole different mindset for travel that takes some getting used to. And the flights are ungodly full these days so it's harder to get good places easily, expecially with a family. But take advantage of it, it's an awesome perk!

  3. Wow, that is not a benefit all airline workers in the US get. I had a friend whose dad was a pilot and they didn't even get that. I hope you guys can work out a trip sometime soon!

  4. Yay Joey for asking you to share this with us =o). I always think of airports as poetic places where most travel journeys start! But maybe if I worked there everyday I would feel different. Anyway, apart from the free travel advantages, I hope you like the job =o). It seems cool to be so close to the big birds!

  5. What a cool behind-the-scenes view of the airport, Wendy! Thank you and thank Joey for pushing you to share this. I hope that you are able to cash in on some of those terrific benefits soon. Remember: you have a friend in Paris who would be totally willing to have you crash at her place and would take your around to see the sights. Just sayin'. :)

  6. Karin, one of these days we will definitely be out to see you! I promise.

  7. I just had to leave you a note since I stumbled on your blog completely randomly, after following 4 or 5 links from pinterest to your water balloon candle holder tutorial, only to accidentally find this post and realize you work at the exact same airport that my husband works at!! It's a small, small World Wide Web world after all. Best of luck and I hope you can enjoy those flight benefits soon. We're going on 7 years having not used them once.


  8. I found your blog last June when looking for a pattern to make produce bags. I was immediately hooked! Your writing is witty and your creativity is inspiring. Kuddos on the job, but I do have to say I miss your more frequent posts.

  9. Lisa, thank you so much for letting me know that I am missed. I also miss writing here and really just lost track of the time.


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