Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sew Your Own Handles

This is super simple.

-Out of sturdy fabric, cut out 4" x 22" rectangles. You can use canvas or denim or any other fairly thick fabric.


-Fold in half (hotdog) and iron a nice sturdy fold.


-Open it up, bring each edge into the center line and iron the new folds you've made.


-Close up along center fold...


and sew along edges to secure

Yep, that's it.


  1. Szuper tipp!!! :))))

  2. I just love your blog - tutorials - whacky kids Wednesday etc. i am always looking for ways to reuse things i have or just use up scraps of fabric - i have enough fabric to cover the western hemisphere if i had the time but alas i don't but what i came to see was the fabric grocery bag but could not resist clicking around - what fun! An hour later i have the pattern directions and plan to get to work on theses wonderful bags while my grandson is sleeping and my husband is working. if i can figure out how i will post pictures of the finished product - i cant just follow directions i am sure there will be some rick rack - or some such nonsense somewhere on mine to ensure my husband does not use them - he would not use them to shop oh heck no he never does that but may use them to store golf balls or some of his duct tape or glue that he loves to collect. ok enough - thanks for the fun read and hope to come back and leave pictures - if you have some insight on how just send me an email at



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