Thursday, October 8, 2009

Contest Winner and Potato Foot


Seville83 has left a new comment on your post "A Giveaway!":

And I'll be making the produce bags for a friend of mine too. He's going to love them :)

Send me an email at mamagay74 at comcast dot net to get the ball rolling on your new stamp.

Also, I thought you all might like to know that I've sprained my ankle, a word which does not do justice to the initial snapping sound I heard (and felt) when it happened (along with the crying and cursing) nor to the swelling, bruising or general inability to put the least bit of weight on it. No, to me the word sprained is equal to "tweaked" or "mildly injured and unable to jump on a trampoline" kind of injury. Not the "lying in bed with my foot constantly elevated" and "yelling loudly from the bedroom for simple things like refills of water and can you please bring me some Kleenex?" that my incredibly patient family is now experiencing.

I'll be honest, the first 24 hours of this (along with hours of uninterrupted time to read) was pleasant enough. But I'd like to be done now, thanks.

I'm so frustrated with my crutches that I've taken to crawling from room to room on my hands and knees. Strangely it keeps reminding me of this scene in Top Secret.

K, that's enough for today. My potato foot (Joey's accurate description) is starting to throb.